Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Day Special - Propose Tips

How to Propose A Girl

Are you hounded by the question of "how to propose a girl". As a solution to your problem, we are giving you some ideas for proposal to a girl. One of the things to keep in mind while proposing is that girls are usually more sensitive than guys and they like subtle ways of proposal. However, each and every girl is different from the other and the way of proposal should suit the temperament of the particular girl you are about to propose.

Still, on the basis of the usual personality traits of all girls, we are giving some generic ideas for proposing a girl on Valentine's Day as well as any other day:

  • "Old is Gold", this age-old adage comes true in the context of the all time favorite idea of proposing a girl by going down on the knees. This technique may be old, but it still helps in melting a girl's heart.

  • There is no need for using fanciful or big grandiloquent words to impress her. Rather, it may prove to be a big turn off. The best way is to express your true feeling in the simplest manner.

  • To show that you really care for her. Invite her to a quiet and romantic dinner for just the two of you, at your place. Prepare all her favorite dishes and play her favorite music. Along with your love, it will also show how much you know about her.

  • Prepare a banner, with the words "I Love You" or "Will You Marry Me". Stick this banner outside her home or her office, where she is bound to notice it. Please do not use her name on that banner. Better to use some nickname that only you two know of.

  • If you can afford, sky writing your proposal is an excellent idea. But make sure that you are with her when the proposal is written.

  • Proposing at the same place where both of you met for the first time or the place both of you have fond memories of, is a good idea.

  • If you have some beaches nearby, drive there in the evening. With soft music playing in your car, propose her when the sun is setting. The whole ambience will make her go weak in the knees.

How to Propose A Guy

An unusual thing some time back, the idea of proposal to a guy is quite in these days. But, some girls still hesitate to take this step. And one of the major issues that further add to their reluctance is "how to propose a boy". So, as a solution to this problem, we are providing you with some ideas for proposing a guy on Valentine's Day. However, these generic ideas can be used whenever you want to propose that someone special, Valentine's Day or not.

  • If you can afford it, hire a billboard near his house. Flash your message on it. But, please do make sure that he sees the same. Otherwise, all your efforts will lead to no results.

  • Girls are not the only ones who love flowers. Keep sending him flowers every hour on the day you want to propose. And with the last one, send a message expressing your feelings.

  • Another way is to shower him with flower petals or laying a carpet of flower petals to walk on. When the showering or the carpet ends, go down on your knees and tell him how much you love him.

  • Make a video, telling him about your feelings like how much you love him and care for him. Get this cassette or CD delivered to him and wait for his reply. Better still, be with him when he watches the video. You will get to see his immediate reaction.

  • Take him out for some romantic movie. With the help of the theater staff, display the words "I Love You (Name)" or "(Name), Will You Marry Me", just before the movie starts.

  • Another way of proposing is to announce it on the radio. But, first make sure that he listens to the radio and is tuned on the same station on which you are going to make the announcement.

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